Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Decoration Designs

Before you buy anything, try to imagine how you want each room to look when completed; get a good picture in your mind, as a painter would; think of the main features, for all depends on the details of this and will quickly suggest themselves. It is, in the long run, the fastest and most economical method of furnishing. 
There is a theory that no room can be made at once, that should grow gradually. In a sense this is a fact, as far as it refers to the amateur. always busy with creating professional and creates room and can instantly summon to mind complete schemes of decoration. Amateurs can also learn mentally to give room. it
is an interesting hobby when someone gets that talent. 
Beautiful things can be found anywhere and for a minimum price, if one has a feeling for line and color, or to both. If the lover of the beautiful was not born with the instinct of art, may be quickly obtained. A decorator creates or rearranges one room, while the next owner does not, alone, or with assistance, and in a season or two has spread his own wings and worked out legitimate schemes, full of individuality. One watched, delighted with the results and
ask yourself why. This is the birth of good taste. 
Treat your rooms like "still alive," ensuring that each group, such as
table, sofa, and chair one or two to make the composition "," gives the impression of comfort and beauty. Never have an isolated chair, unless placed on the wall, as part of decorative schemes.
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